Generazione di energia attiva
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Generazione di energia attiva

Generazione di energia attiva

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Sistemi solari on-grid e off-grid

Power Generation on-Grid and off-Grid Solar System

Profilo Aziendale
Runh Power è un appaltatore EPC e fornitore di apparecchiature complete, fondato nel 1996.
Con 20 anni di sviluppo, Runh Power ha realizzato più di 100 progetti energetici internazionali.

Power Generation on-Grid and off-Grid Solar System

Runh Power is an EPC contractor and complete equipment supplier, which has performed more than 20 international power projects in Turkey, Ukraine, India, etc. With 18 years' development, now we provide EPC/turnkey service and complete set of equipment such as STG, BTG, BOP, etc for all kinds of power projects such as coal fired power plant, biomass power plant, CCPP, waste heat power plant, new energy power plant, etc. Our service and products are highly appreciated by the owner. And we mainly own the following advantages:1 Professional design institute:We own independent design institute, about 50 experienced and Professional engineers for all systems of power plant in our design institute, they could make proposals for power projects of various sizes. 2 Cost effective equipment:We establish cooperative relationship with domestic well-known OEMs, their products employs the most advanced technology and their quality could be guaranteed. And they provide equipment for us with a relatively competitive price. Besides, we have undertaken 28 international power projects which also could prove that our products and services are very competitive.3 Competitive delivery time:Time is very important, especially for power projects and we could guarantee and provide competitive delivery time. In order to achieve this goal, we mainly have 4 steps:Step 1: Design, our design institute could guarantee the design schedule;Step 2: Manufacturing, our cooperative OEMs will arrange our order preferentially;Step 3: Local branch, we have 4 local branch in domestic, and they will manufacture the manufacturing schedule and quality of our orders.Step 4: Rich experienced and professional team, our team have accumulated rich experience and they could solve the problems and risks and avoid potential delays in delivery.4 After-sales service;Many owners worry about this, especially for international power projects and we provide complete after sales service to reduce your risks such as one-to-one service system; periodic visiting; customer documents; global maintenance team, etc.5. Second hand equipmentWe own abundant second-hand equipment which are under quite good condition, their price is much cheaper and the construction period could be shorter. We provide all round service for secondhand equipment such as Renovation & equipment retrofit ,Re-location of power plant, Unit capacity upgrade, Performance upgrade and energy saving proposal, System upgrade (Instrumentation, energy efficient electrics, etc.) And what's more, we provide the same guarantee period compared with new equipment.